May 23, 2018

State reveals new disaster mitigation fund

State reveals new disaster mitigation fund

The State Government has announced a new $38 million Disaster Resilience Fund to support local governments, state agencies and non-government organisations with disaster mitigation projects.

State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Minister Cameron Dick said the four-year funding package would be outlined in next month’s State Budget to ensure resilience work could get under way in parallel with disaster reconstruction works.

“I call on the Federal Government to match us dollar for dollar in the Disaster Resilience Fund so Queensland can get on with the job of protecting our communities against future disasters,” he said.

The Disaster Resilience Fund aligns with the aims of the Queensland Strategy for Disaster Resilience, which identifies a need for the state to invest in resilience and mitigation projects that:

  • address the state’s assessed natural disaster risks and the potential impacts of climate change;
  • align with locally led risk, vulnerability and capability assessments; and consider local and district priorities;
  • support communities to build resilience to future natural disaster events through education and awareness programs; and
  • protect existing essential public infrastructure from future natural disaster events.

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